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All organizations have procedures and standards for handling the production and delivery of its products and services to customers. Many of these companies evolved over the years and are relatively effective – if not, these companies will go out of business rapidly. Bad management structures, though, may contribute to inefficient operations, weak goods and services, and unhappy customers. Typically a successful organization may be described by:

  • Commitment to continuous quality and service development
  • Employee growth and preparation initiatives, which fulfill the organization’s requirements
  • Processes for recognizing and eliminating unnecessary resources
  • Documentation which is relevant, consistent, current and appropriate
  • Explicit knowledge and consideration for the interests of consumers and other stakeholders (society, staff, suppliers, etc.)
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At ISO Pros, we have senior and middle management who identify and reflect on business needs, also with employees who have adopted Quality Management Systems QMS to achieve these and other benefits. An industry like aerospace is a high-risk field spanning a broad variety of commercial, industrial, as well as defense/military administration.

Because of this high-risk dimension, regulatory oversight is important to maintaining stability, safety as well as significance at a global level. These safety and quality standard regulatory controls have been established and maintained efficiently for many years by AS9100 registration, the international representative for aircraft, defense management and safety regulated by the Universal Aerospace Quality Group (UAQG) as well as the Americas Aerospace Quality Group (AAQG) in the United States.

With a robust quality framework, these standards provide manufacturers to supply aerospace industries and civil and military agencies with secure and effective materials. Nonetheless, NASA, the Defense Department, and several Aerospace OEMs such as Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Martin, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon are required to be accredited as AS9100.

It is sensible to partner with a business like ISO Pros that help you to be AS9100 certified, as the certification has independent assurance and guarantees that you like the suppliers to follow verifiable standards with businesses and other organizations.

The accreditation of AS9100 includes ISO Standards and also company procedures that are covered by the ISO 9001 certification system of the International Organization for Standardization, also other specifications unique to aerospace. AS9100 also includes international standards that add international criteria that are unique to aerospace.

Feel secure knowing that ISO Pros meets ISO 9001 standards and all requirements, we follow aerospace-specific criteria and are certified AS9100. On 1 November 1999, AS9100 Quality Management Systems–Aviation, Space, and Security Agency Organizations was released.

The AS9100 standard sets fundamentals that are to be enforced and registered by organizations that manufacture and sell aerospace products. In order to obtain the AS9100 certification, we make sure you establish QM requirements set out in the publishing system.

AS9100 highlights the requirements for customer and related legislative and regulatory QMS, and also focuses on authority that minimizes mistakes. Aerospace-specific requirements are applied to most parts of the ISO 9001 Specification, with focus on:

  • Customer compliance, functional, and operational (airworthiness & safe measured) requirements
  • Delivery of supplier and subcontractor – specifications
  • Risk evaluation of special and critical with key functions and Management configurations
  • Sales process review (First Report inspection)
  • Change command (documents, schedules, processes, facilities, etc.)

Note: AS9100 incorporates both ISO 9001 standards into its essence and all Aerospace Industry requirements that are relevant.

How can ISO Pros Assist

We provide you with qualified experts in risk management as well as quality performance. Driven by our goal of safeguarding the environment, life as well as property, we deliver reliable and comprehensive knowledge to our consumers and their stakeholders, so that informed decisions can be made with conviction. In order to promote safety and performance as well as establish market standards and also facilitate and develop approaches to tackle structural changes, we leverage our expertise as a trusted advocate with many of the world’s most successful companies.

ISO Pros experience in AS9100D follows a deep understanding of project management and wider abilities of concepts such as ISO 45001, Health and Security, render them a perfect choice for collaborating with companies in the Aerospace Industry.

ISO Pros was an enabler to one organization, a world-famous Canadarm’s developers, in achieving ISO 9001. We have provided another supplier in Canada, sector authorities with leadership preparedness and strategic preparation assistance, we also supported the development of their management systems. Our improved awareness of regulations such as ISO 14001 lets us tackle the aerospace industry’s main problems.

As national leaders in Innovation Management, ISO Pros was deeply involved in the development of ISO 56002, the standard regulations for Innovation Management. We take the technical skills to the table with our experience in the Aerospace industry.

Three certifying factors

The AS / EN 9100 series contains three separate aerospace industry standards for AS; AS / EN9100, AS / EN9110 as well as AS / EN9120.

AS9100 serves as a quality aerospace system for quality assurance in the development, production, implementation, design, and servicing of aerospace control. This was developed using the ISO 9001 standard. This draws on requirements to create an internationally harmonized framework that satisfies the demands of aerospace industries around the world. The AS9100 became the first functional standard for usage in the global aerospace sector, integrating the specifications required to satisfy both civil and military aviation and aerospace needs.

AS / EN9110 is also an aerospace quality system for quality assurance in order that it maintains, restores, and overhauls parts of aerospace.

In addition to being designed utilizing the ISO 9001 framework and the aerospace companies worldwide, it also meets the improved legislative specifications which are applicable to aerospace repair stations.

AS / EN9120 is the standard for quality assurance of the warehousing and distribution of aerospace parts of aerospace goods. In addition to being designed using the ISO 9001 guideline an addition is the requirements of aerospace firms worldwide, these standards are met by the enhanced regulatory guidelines that are applicable to aerospace distributors. AS9120 serves as used by businesses obtaining parts, or materials and accessories, then markets such items to consumers in the aerospace industry.


This includes organizations that buy and divide smaller quantities of products. However, this standard is not meant for products that are reworked or repaired by organizations. Organizations doing research that affects or may impact the product’s characteristics or performance use the AS9100 or a similar standard quality control system. Once you are AS9100 certified it ensures you are completely eligible for a piece of the pie.

ISO Pros, in particular, the AS9100 shows a sincere commitment to future aircraft and aerospace clients in the industries. Just before considering a bid, several prime contractors need certification.

Without approval, companies will be completely shut out of operations in much of the aircraft and aerospace supply chain. ISO Pros also offers a standardized preparation system that includes internal consistency and pre-assessment reviews, training on internal auditing as well as implementation methods in order that your company can incorporate the standard business practices.

A list of your Increases when your are Certified AS9100 in:

  • A Qualified Aerospace & Aviation supplier
  • Unraveling new markets
  • Consumers satisfaction
  • Enhancements of efficiency & cost reductions
  • Products that are consistent in quality
  • Reduced replication, inefficiencies & technical defects

ISO Pros is an internationally recognized aerospace manufacturer organization. This facilitates the implementation of projects focussed on jointly running international aerospace industries. The goal of the agreement is to significantly boost productivity as well as reduce the costs in the aerospace industry. For this purpose, ISO Pros is actively helping your organization to continuously improve itself with the AS9100 standard which has been developed. The ISO Pros explicitly points out the process for organizational certification guidelines and defines what certified bodies should do.

The database of OASIS lists all institutions accredited in compliance with EN / AS 9100ff, as well as organizations certified for accreditation. In addition, the list is also a prerequisite for vendor approval. ISO Pros implements the supervision of the CBMCs Certification Program Management Committees). In Germany, the German Federal Organization for Aerospace Industry (Bundesverband der Deutschen Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie e. V., BDLI) is responsible for this.

Accredited AS9100, Achieves high standards

As a supplier or distributor in the aerospace and defense industry, you are expected to meet strict requirements. AS9100 certification provides us with the opportunity to continue in this standard whilst reducing costs and expenditures as well as expressing our skills as a trustworthy and successful worker. Being listed in the IAQG ranking and (OASIS database) also opens up our organization’s global market visibility and can greatly increase profitability.

We help you develop the foundation for sustained business success in manufacturing with an AS9100 certified quality assurance system. ISO Pros experts have specialized in certifying control systems for the aerospace and defense industries over many years. ISO Pros are qualified to successfully update business processes and improve the quality assurance system to AS9100.

We can also provide you with the opportunity to apply for other standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or ISO 45001, or to take advantage of integrated audits as well as shared certificates.

What would it consist of?

Scope - AS9100 establishes criteria for the quality assurance system anytime a business decides to offer products and services or improve customer trust in compliance with regulatory requirements as well as statutory

History of the company - The organization will recognize the external and internal forces that may affect the capacity to produce the desired outcomes.

Leadership  - This  is important for the success of a quality assurance system success, which requires active participation, regular communication and a strong focus on the consumers.

Preparation  -  Planning should outline quality objectives; opportunities as well as risks and focus on management.

Help  -  Organization must guarantee that it has enough personnel, expertise, skills, teamwork, and resources to successfully execute a quality assurance system.

Service -  Planned operations and monitoring shall provide guidelines and practices, risk management, and safety recognition.

Performance Assessment  -  The organization will assess what to report, how and when to measure it, and how to interpret the performance.

Development  -  AS 9100 needs a dedication to continuous improvement, non-conformity regulation, customer experience enhancement and, where applicable, corrective action should be taken.

ISO Pros Business executives are pleased to be delivering profitable and consistent results in today’s globalized as well as hyper-competitive world when fulfilling regulatory criteria and challenging market demands. Far too frequently, companies get caught up in daily activity, trying to meet aggressive development targets, while rarely having the time to recognize the true costs of their organizations.

According to a recent SAI Global report, about 25 percent of businesses do not have a plan or mechanism to track the real costs of their ongoing operations. And 59 percent of all respondents suggested that they tracked costs but did not report the results to the wider organization.

Quality spending is a variable used to assess the level at which a company serves the demands of its consumers-often associated with the usage of capital when producing a product or a service.

To date, the ISO Pros has also aided many organizations in securing the Quality Management System (QMS) certification. At the first phase, they all completed their validation tests.

These services will entail

Our programs discuss the complete ISO 9001 / AS9100 range as well as related standards: ISO 9001 ‐ AS9100; ISO / TS 16949; ISO 13485. A QMS may be costly to implement, consume-time, and be challenging. This will even distract key individuals from their normal day-to-day tasks. ISO Pros offers a wide collection of practical solutions to help you implement a QMS that would meet the company’s particular demands and the requirements of the applicable standard(s) therefore minimize the company’s disruptions. In order to achieve an effective quality assurance system please contact ISO Pros and we will provide you with more information.