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AS9100 is an equivalent of aerospace that meets the ISO 9001 standard system requirements. AS9100 satisfies ISO 9001 specifications and combines them with additional management framework criteria provided by the aerospace industry to meet the standard DOD, NASA, and FAA requirements. The aim of the norm is to create a specific structure for quality assurance for use within the aerospace industry.

Although mainly designed for the aircraft, space, and defense industries, this model may also be applied in other business sectors where a quality control program with additional criteria is needed for an ISO 9001:2015 framework. EN9100:2018 integrates the ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance system requirements, as well as relevant standards and principles in the travel, space as well as defense fields.

Every of the standard AS9100 series witnessed substantial changes later in 2016. While a few of such improvements were needed by a transition to the base norm, ISO 9001:2015, much of the aircraft, space, and security sector standards have since been updated and changed.

Implementing an AS9100 QMS may seem daunting, especially for the smaller business, thankfully the standards are flexible and mandate your organization to follow but allow you to meet the requirements in a way that makes sense for your business. This allows the creation of a QMS that meets the specific needs of their business and the AS9100C standard requirements for a wide range of businesses, large and small, manufacturing and service.

Whilst it requires time to achieve AS9100 approval, the commitment is worth it for several businesses. If you wish: suggest applying for programs as illustrated in the norm AS9100. You should apply for certification if you:

  • Seek to increase the aerospace capabilities of your organization
  • Hoping to improve the quality control process and increase risk
  • Are currently ISO 9001 accredited

Because the AS9100 and associated standards have been built around ISO 9001, for businesses that already adhere to the basic quality management rules of ISO 9001, implementing the many systems required to meet the AS9100 requirements would be quicker and simpler. You will be confident that if you choose to do the certification, that your decision will be a step headed in the correct direction for the aerospace company you run.

Greater focus on key customer demands

AS9100 not only offers a standard blueprint for all suppliers but also allows the greater focus to be put on key customer demands, improved product, and procedure continuity, decreased market volatility, increased efficiency, potential removal of second-party audits, and efficient supply chain traceability. Subcontractors who sell goods to AS9100 accredited prime contractors must follow the same level of quality as their consumers. However, provided that specific traceability mechanisms remain at the discretion of the client, a manufacturer certified to ISO 9001 can follow AS9100 traceability requirements by using accounting documents to track lots of components. By building into an established methodical program, the precision of the data is calculated.

We know all this information can be a lot to take in, but here at ISO Pros, we guide you and your organization so that it can reach its potential in the Aerospace industry. With just one contact from one of our experts, you will be on your way to reaching for the stars.