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What Is Aerospace AS9100?

The aerospace and aviation sector is continuing to expand internationally and throughout the US and is generating economic growth at the state and national levels. Businesses that have not been part of the aviation and aerospace industry historically have an incredible opportunity to interact and participate in this field. Major aerospace manufacturers and suppliers worldwide need AS9100 to be certified and/or licensed. AS9100 is based on ISO 9001, with specific quality system criteria set by the aerospace industry to satisfy the quality requirements of DOD, NASA, and FAA.

The aviation and aerospace industry demands that manufacturers follow high-quality standards because of the risks of disastrous consequences of product failure. All the major aerospace producers and suppliers around the world need AS9100 standard certification as a prerequisite for doing business with the industry. Most of the big producers of aircraft engines do need the qualification. Achieving certification as a possible manufacturer carries a lot of reputation.

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Essentially, AS9100 is a regional series of principles in quality control for the aircraft, space, and defense industries. This provides suppliers to the aerospace industry with a set of requirements for creating and maintaining a quality management system that will enable them to produce and supply the aircraft, space and defense industries with safe and reliable goods. AS9100 is focused on internationally recognized quality management systems guidelines, issued by ISO (International Organization for Standardization), which adds additional specifications explicitly for the aerospace industry to those standards. This is where ISO Pros can assist you.

As a cooperative effort of more than 70 major aerospace companies, known as the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG), AS9100 formally began in October 1999. The IAQG discovered that if they unified the aerospace industry and developed a series of common practices that everybody could follow, they could not only boost the efficiency of aerospace goods across the globe but also reduce costs by reducing the stringent criteria for ‘organization-unique.’

At first, they decided to roll out the ISO quality management system standard, ISO 9001 (1994), as this was internationally recognized as having the best quality management practices. It wasn’t long until they learned however that ISO 9001 didn’t cover everything they needed. While it offered a strong foundation for the sector to build its quality control programs around – it did not completely resolve the aerospace industry ‘s unique specifications. Therefore, they began applying their own specifications to ISO 9001 (1994) and named the freshly modified package of AS9100 criteria.

How will the organization’s AS9100 certification help?

AS9100 lets you operate the enterprise as a management program. Program analysis helps you to incorporate the various systems within the organization to ensure that they are connected together. One of machine thinking’s basic concepts is regarded as the ‘butterfly effect.’ A minor incident at the front end of a network may have significant consequences at the distribution end. Unless the occurrence is an accident at the organization’s building, the outcome of the execution may be catastrophic. An advanced control framework reduces the risk of this occurring dramatically.

The AS9100 series certification demonstrates the ability to meet the needs and demands of potential customers, resulting in increased consumer confidence and satisfaction, and competitive advantage. Original aerospace equipment manufacturers (OEMs) need suppliers and subcontractors to get AS9100 approval. With assistance from ISO Pros, your ultimate certification facilitates performance enhancement and reduces mistakes and eliminates them, contributing to cost reductions

Why is it necessary to get AS9100 Certification?

It’s not really that this certification is so relevant, as it is crucial to anyone associated with manufacturers and suppliers in the aerospace industry. Many companies in this sector will not engage in business with a client unless they are AS9100 accredited.

But NASA, the U.S. Department of Defense and technology companies including Boeing and Lockheed Martin both need AS9100 certification from suppliers.

Moreover, AS9100 provides a common norm in the manufacture of aerospace that the entire world must comply with. As stated last year by Quality magazine, AS9100 meets several of the same standards laid down in ISO 9001, including:

  • Leadership targeting efficiency
  • Proper decision-making
  • Links with vendors which are mutually satisfactory
  • Consistency of price and traceability now strengthened

There are however four key requirements specifically designed for the aerospace industry in AS9100:

Such standards involve information submitted to suppliers and restrictions put on purchased products that could be released prior to verification.

Each section covers the concept verification and validation phases along with the details and checking guidelines for both levels. Application testing includes drawing up a piece of paper and measuring all requirements, inputs, measurements, and laws to see if the design suits customer standards – or has to fulfill them. Validation requires the construction of a sample to demonstrate the initial run of a modern and complicated concept first development version or a designed model.

Such regulations cover capacities for measuring quality, including exclusion steps and non-conforming procedures.

In 2018 Revision D added to AS9100 the following elements:

  • Healthy Goods
  • Prevention of Falsified Parts
  • The danger provision was paired with new ISO 9001 compliance criteria and increased emphasis on operational process risks.
  • Recognition provision has been introduced with increased criteria for awareness of individual contributions to product and service quality and health along with ethical conduct.
  • Human factors are included in the treatment of nonconformity and in the corrective action.
  • Configuration management has been explained and strengthened to address the needs of interested parties.

ISO Pros is committed to continuing to provide excellent client service. This is a strong team of experts who will come alongside you. Our task is to make the certification process as simple as possible so that you can focus on what your organization is good at. Give us a call today or send us a message and we will get back to you to assist you with all your AS9100 certification requirements.